Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 Review

So I got the same stylist to send me my stitch fix box as last month but I didn't see much similarities.  I paid $20 for styling fee and received the following things...

Dante Cut Out Metal Oval Layered Necklace by Bancroft $32
I didn't love it and I'm not really a jewelry person so I can pass with zero regret.

Evella Boatneck Top by Market & Spruce $64
This was my favorite thing that was sent but I decided if I kept it I would cut off the fake shirt tail things and then I realized if I have to do that to a sixty dollar shirt, it's the wrong shirt.

Patrick Cropped Chino Pants by Level 99 $64
My stylist said these pink pants would give a pop of color.  ???  They are not pink and they are quite dull.  Not me at all.

Madden Mixed Material Top by Le Lis $38
I like the pattern on the back but the cut of this shirt reminded me of a manta ray trying to play football.   Don't want it.

 Kendra Knit Top by Skies are Blue $64
My stylist sounded excited about this shirt because I have a similar shirt pinned.  But I just don't like white and off-white for one.  I'm a slob and I stain stuff. 

I returned everything.  Better luck next time.

I am still enjoying everything from my last Stitch Fix except for the one shirt I didn't like.  I ended up giving that one the thrift shop.

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