Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break Trip

I started planning for our spring break trip by looking for good deals.  I soon ran into the problem that I couldn't tell what a good deal was.  I needed a budget.  So with my husbands help we agreed on an amount.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge.  Which is not known for being a great deal.  But it was, because I came in under budget.  I think that's all a deal is - not spending as much as you could.  I have lots of deal blogs bookmarked and most of them I question if they are deals at all.  Probably because it's for stuff I would not spend money on.  Deals and frugality are far from different I guess.

Anyway, we had a very busy vacation.  The kind that is fun but makes you happy to go back to your plain, ol', boring life for awhile.  That's my favorite kind.  I don't want the kind that I never want to leave.  That would be disappointing!  We did a lot of swimming on break and will continue with that as spring swim lessons start tonight.

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