Thursday, March 5, 2015

On Our Own

Dads been away for work for the past week and it's felt a lot longer than that!  But we are getting by, maybe.

Daisy's been able to forage for her own breakfasts.

She needs lots of sugar for all the cleaning she has to keep up with.

Guy has been keeping busy with Legos and Lego video games.  I think this is suppose to be Iron Man saving someone.  He told me to take a picture and send it to Lego magazine but I'd have to get the picture printed first.

Nels has enjoyed a Kindle app about dressing up a woman and going on dates.  He is learning a lot about makeup application and he did weep a little when he couldn't afford his ideal pumps for his up-and-coming wedding.  I hope he finishes that game by the time dad gets home.

He did order a manly bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner the other night. 

I got some food too with my little spaghetti-slurping friend.  I even managed to eat some!

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