Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wetland Boardwalks

One of my favorite places in Reno is the Swan Lake Nature Area.  It kind of felt like the coast.  Probably because dust would frequently blow into your eyes? 
Anyway, it is still one of my favorite places there.  Even if it was made up up sewage water.  Was it?  It was quiet and pretty and different.  I miss it. 

We found a new board walk in the Corvallis Jackson-Frazier wetlands. Obviously not the same but similar.  It's quiet and pretty and different. 
Guy even exclaimed "This is so much cooler than Reno!" and Daisy managed a sliver in her palm and yelled something I can only assume stood for "This would have never happened in Reno!"

I lived in Reno 9 years and it was too cold and too beige but the sense of loss comes in many forms.  I feel like I gained more than I lost by leaving, but I notice them both.

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