Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 1 Organization

I completed week 1 of 52 Weeks to an Organized Home - Kitchen Counters.  I made toss, donate, and relocate piles and I was surprised how much I found for moving so much lately.  And I already made a new kitchen wishlist but I better wait it out and make sure it's stuff I really want.

What I Think I Want:
Quality, Matching Silverware.  I like these rooster ones.  Maybe.  I need to think it over.

Hot Pads.  I only have a Halloween potholder and a BBQ one.  They are both falling apart.  I guess I have been slowly throwing out my hot pads and never replacing them?  I might be able to make some but I really like these.

Cloth Napkins that are all the same size.  I can make these for sure.  I just hope to come across a fabric that is more absorbent than what I'm using currently.

Food Scrapper for washing dishes.  I lost mine.  Thankfully they are cheap and my next Amazon order will have one in there.

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