Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #1 Review

I got my first Stitch Fix at the end of December.  I think I really like it.  I like paying someone to make choices for me.  I made a pinterest board for them to look at and I think they did.  Either that or I'm easy to please.

I paid a $20 Styling Fee and they mailed me five things that I could either buy or return.  The $20 came back to me as a credit since I bought something.  Also, since I bought everything I received a 25% discount.

Honey Punch Leandro Plaid Print Split Neck Top $44
(Came out to $29 w/ Styling Fee Credit + Buy 5 Discount)
I love the colors of this shirt. It is super soft but I ripped it after wearing if for 4 hours.  That won't stop me. 
also in pic...
Kut From The Kloth Emmett Boyfriend Jeans $78 ($54.50 w/ discounts)
Once I bought some jeans from the thrift store and I found $60 in the pocket.  These jeans aren't like those.  But they fit and I like them.  Didn't even have to haul any kids into the store to get them.

Market and Spruce Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top $48.00 ($32 w/ discounts)
I don't know what this shirt is but I think it is dumb.  I might try to fix the arms or maybe I'll give it to the thrift shop.  It was cheaper to keep it overall than to send it back.  It feels nice and I like the color.

Okay, Daisy, I'll get out of your picture. 

Just USA Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket $58 ($39.50 w/discounts)
You can request specific items be sent.  I asked for a denim jacket and my stylist mailed one and even wrote me a note about it.  It is just what I wanted.

Market and Spruce Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan $58 ($39.50 w/discounts)
I like this top.  I didn't think I did at first.  But I do now.  It's warm and just easy to wear.

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