Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Patching the Couch

 Someone has been picking at our couch.  Every week the hole grows.

I found black and dark brown vinylish-leatherish stuff in the upholstery section at JoAnn Fabric Store.  I couldn't decide which color was closest so I went with brown and cut it into a patch.  The smallest cut they could give me was 2" but it seemed too small so I went for 4" and it was just right.  I bought Bish's Tear Mender to glue the patch on.  It was between the Bish brand and Dritz Liquid Stitch.  I have a feeling I bought Dritz before and was really disappointed in it.  So far Bish is holding up. (Edit: it didn't work on the leather/fake leather stuff after all)

I'm thinking I should have went with black vinyl now but I'm just glad it's done.  Patches never quite match anyway.

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