Friday, January 9, 2015

Failing "Low Spend" Month

I am failing my no/low spend month.  Health care.  It's not just gasoline, insurance and co-pays.  I have that in the budget...  it's food.  I know I can pack food to take the hospitals and doctors offices but there is no where to eat it.  Most waiting rooms have a no food policy.  You have to eat your food at a park or in the car.  I'm too cold to eat at the park and eating in the car... well I guess I could try it.  It is nice to go do something while you are waiting, though.

I suppose I'm not necessarily failing.  Maybe low-spend month means don't buy any physical objects.  Too late - bought a teapot.  In my defense, my old teapot was destroyed in a terrible, neglectful accident.

Killing time between school pick-up and an eye appointment.  Gelato is a slow, delicious food to eat. (I know most people put their picture captions under the photo.  I don't but I'm trying it today.  It just seems weird.  Shouldn't I read the caption before looking at the photo?)

 Having some burgers during our visit to the children's hospital.

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