Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 Nels has been begging to go to school.  I can't find one with an opening in the area I want with the time slots I want for the price I want.  I signed him up at a Church daycare for 4 hours/week.  We call it school.  I don't think he really cares.  He is excited to be there.  I pack him a change of clothes that he is terribly offended by.  He is not going to pee his pants!  "What if you do something messy?  Like paint?"  In the car on the way home, he dumped out all of his backpack and yelled "I didn't do anything messy!  I said I don't need these!"  They grow up to be stubborn grouches so fast...

I am enjoying my free time with Daisy.  We went for a hike and did our grocery shopping.  Daisy is an enthusiastic little toddler.

Monday, January 19, 2015

800% Mark-Up

At the Chuck E. Cheese in Reno it cost 25¢ to use one of these things.  It costs $2 at a pizza place here.  That seems a little steep.  I kind of miss our old Chuck E. Cheese.  Maybe I just spent a lot of time there.  It was my favorite weekday morning hang out spot.  It was usually empty.  I like empty places but I guess I shouldn't wish for businesses to be empty all the time.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Breakfast Date

Daisy and I went out for breakfast.  I asked Daisy if she wanted to share a sensible choice such as some quiche or a sandwich.  All the food was in a big display case and she spotted the cinnamon rolls and just HAD TO HAVE IT!  AHHHHH!  And she ate it.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #1 Review

I got my first Stitch Fix at the end of December.  I think I really like it.  I like paying someone to make choices for me.  I made a pinterest board for them to look at and I think they did.  Either that or I'm easy to please.

I paid a $20 Styling Fee and they mailed me five things that I could either buy or return.  The $20 came back to me as a credit since I bought something.  Also, since I bought everything I received a 25% discount.

Honey Punch Leandro Plaid Print Split Neck Top $44
(Came out to $29 w/ Styling Fee Credit + Buy 5 Discount)
I love the colors of this shirt. It is super soft but I ripped it after wearing if for 4 hours.  That won't stop me. 
also in pic...
Kut From The Kloth Emmett Boyfriend Jeans $78 ($54.50 w/ discounts)
Once I bought some jeans from the thrift store and I found $60 in the pocket.  These jeans aren't like those.  But they fit and I like them.  Didn't even have to haul any kids into the store to get them.

Market and Spruce Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top $48.00 ($32 w/ discounts)
I don't know what this shirt is but I think it is dumb.  I might try to fix the arms or maybe I'll give it to the thrift shop.  It was cheaper to keep it overall than to send it back.  It feels nice and I like the color.

Okay, Daisy, I'll get out of your picture. 

Just USA Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket $58 ($39.50 w/discounts)
You can request specific items be sent.  I asked for a denim jacket and my stylist mailed one and even wrote me a note about it.  It is just what I wanted.

Market and Spruce Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan $58 ($39.50 w/discounts)
I like this top.  I didn't think I did at first.  But I do now.  It's warm and just easy to wear.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Patching the Couch

 Someone has been picking at our couch.  Every week the hole grows.

I found black and dark brown vinylish-leatherish stuff in the upholstery section at JoAnn Fabric Store.  I couldn't decide which color was closest so I went with brown and cut it into a patch.  The smallest cut they could give me was 2" but it seemed too small so I went for 4" and it was just right.  I bought Bish's Tear Mender to glue the patch on.  It was between the Bish brand and Dritz Liquid Stitch.  I have a feeling I bought Dritz before and was really disappointed in it.  So far Bish is holding up. (Edit: it didn't work on the leather/fake leather stuff after all)

I'm thinking I should have went with black vinyl now but I'm just glad it's done.  Patches never quite match anyway.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 1 Organization

I completed week 1 of 52 Weeks to an Organized Home - Kitchen Counters.  I made toss, donate, and relocate piles and I was surprised how much I found for moving so much lately.  And I already made a new kitchen wishlist but I better wait it out and make sure it's stuff I really want.

What I Think I Want:
Quality, Matching Silverware.  I like these rooster ones.  Maybe.  I need to think it over.

Hot Pads.  I only have a Halloween potholder and a BBQ one.  They are both falling apart.  I guess I have been slowly throwing out my hot pads and never replacing them?  I might be able to make some but I really like these.

Cloth Napkins that are all the same size.  I can make these for sure.  I just hope to come across a fabric that is more absorbent than what I'm using currently.

Food Scrapper for washing dishes.  I lost mine.  Thankfully they are cheap and my next Amazon order will have one in there.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Failing "Low Spend" Month

I am failing my no/low spend month.  Health care.  It's not just gasoline, insurance and co-pays.  I have that in the budget...  it's food.  I know I can pack food to take the hospitals and doctors offices but there is no where to eat it.  Most waiting rooms have a no food policy.  You have to eat your food at a park or in the car.  I'm too cold to eat at the park and eating in the car... well I guess I could try it.  It is nice to go do something while you are waiting, though.

I suppose I'm not necessarily failing.  Maybe low-spend month means don't buy any physical objects.  Too late - bought a teapot.  In my defense, my old teapot was destroyed in a terrible, neglectful accident.

Killing time between school pick-up and an eye appointment.  Gelato is a slow, delicious food to eat. (I know most people put their picture captions under the photo.  I don't but I'm trying it today.  It just seems weird.  Shouldn't I read the caption before looking at the photo?)

 Having some burgers during our visit to the children's hospital.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lego Quest #1: Cars

I don't quite understand the picture posing of a 7 year old. And then a 3 year old just copies him so it's all a photo mess.
Anyway, they make their Lego Quest #1 - Cars!  Guy's was called "The Fast Mobile" so Nels, in little brother style, named his "The Even Faster Mobile".  Later Guy used his persuasive skills into changing the car names to "The Awesome Mobile" and the "The Slow Mobile".  And even later both cars were totaled in a terrible, neglectful accident.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Low-Spend Month

I've decided to have January be a no/low spend month for the sake of dealing with Christmas clutter plus adding to our house down payment doesn't hurt.  But I went to the grocery store today.  With kids.  $92 later... Which I actually think is fine.  The idea of eating out of the pantry was something feasible in our past Nevada home but our rental home pantry is like 6 jars of peanut butter and a bag of lollipops.  That actually sounds like something the kids would love to make a meal out of.

Anyway, I think we are off to a good start for I found this in the mail today...
I won $50 in some sort of drawing.  I feel like I win drawings frequently.  I don't think it's good luck.  I just like filling out forms.  It's relaxing.  I enjoy mechanical turk a lot too.  I would do some of that stuff even if they didn't pay you.  It's like pretending to have a data entry job.  Which may seem lame but I haven't worked in along time.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goals

I found some pre-made help courtesy of the internet. I will keep track of everything on HabitRPG so I can become more than a Level 21 Healer.

*For the Home*
Follow Home Storage Solutions 101's The 52 Week Organized Home Challenge
Use the Motivated Moms Cleaning App

*For the Kids*
Read daily to them, including as many of these books I can find at the library.
Encourage them to keep building with these Lego Quest ideas.

*For Me*
Read daily, including as many of these books I can find at the library.  Keep track on GoodReads.  Goal is 36 books for 2015.