Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Already?

Hmmm...  I thought I was going to post all these great holiday pictures but the fact is I didn't really take many.  Plus if I did I would just want to print them so I could throw them out a window somewhere.  I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed by things I do not care anything about.  Thankfully I'm good with New Years goals, at least until February.  So I will get things in order over the next month.

Our 2014 Holiday Season started well.  I paid Guy 25 cents for every Christmas card he made for me.  I think they turned out magnificent and he thought the money was good.  But, I didn't finish mailing Christmas cards.  Whoops.

We used Playmobile and Lego Advent Calendars for the first time.  They were well received and helped the kids keep track of the days.  I think we will consider the Lego ones again next year.

We did standard cold Christmas activities.  Kids getting cold hands?  Check.

We made something out of gingerbread.  It didn't quite turn out but they never do for our clumsy, unskilled hands. 

The boys showed some "brotherly love".  I think the big one was yanking the little one around by his ear.  Who's to know?

My little lady sat on a strange man's lap for a candy cane.

Christmas Day!  I'm still cleaning up the aftermath.

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