Friday, October 17, 2014

Last Comparison

Daisy is the same age as Lucy when Lucy died.  I have a hard time believing it.  I think it all stems from the hair.  Lucy had some.  Daisy was called a boy (again) yesterday.  I bought her a little headband to wear but she always takes it off and wear it as a super stylish bracelet that looks nothing like a bracelet.

After Lucy died I met someone whose daughter also passed, that daughter was 13 years old and her mom she had "barely knew her".  Lucy was 1 and I knew her so well so the idea of getting 12 more years and not knowing your daughter sounded slightly offensive.  But I get it now.  Lucy would be 5 now and in Kindergarten.  And that is sad and it does make me feel like I don't know her.  But I do, because she's not 5 and never will be.  Lucy is 20 months old.

Daisy is going to be older than Lucy soon.  She can stop being compared to little Saint-like Lucy which I'm sure she'll appreciate a lot when she is old enough to understand it.  I look forward to those new adventures.

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