Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Been Emotional

Back in March I took the kids on a spectacular Bay Area vacation.  Our trip highlights were Berkeley's Adventure Park and San Jose's Happy Hollow.  Adventure Park is a playground that is constantly being changed by kids wielding hammers and paintbrushes.  There really is nothing like this park unless you have a super cool backyard junkyard playground.  I'd love to go back someday.  Happy Hollow is a zoo with a ride section.  It would have just been an okay stop but since it was a raining school day it was totally empty and that really made the place stand out.  We stuck to the ride section for the most part and the kids just yelled "Again!  Again!"  They also made some comments about how weird it is that water was falling from the sky.

So we got back from our totally awesome trip and THAT NIGHT my husband lost his job.  We have been wanting to move back to Oregon so we called a real estate agent the next day, we listed our house the next week, and accepted an offer 12 days after that trip.  Our 8+ year stint in Nevada was coming to an end. 

Let that water fall from the sky.

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