Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Las Vegas

 My mom got married in Las Vegas and I was the witness.  I was surprised how little sleuthing was required.  I left the kids and husband at home so I could...

..ride a roller coaster 

..stay up late

...and go to a show

Guy said he wanted to do all of that stuff.  He probably could have handled it.  I kept seeing things I thought he would like.  I even rode on the roller coaster thinking I'll take him to ride one soon.  Nope.  The scariest part of the roller coaster for me was imagining him on it.  He said he'd go to a show but once he realized you had to sit in the same seat for over an hour he said it sounded very boring.  I think I can find a better place for him to hang out than Vegas.  He talks fondly of two story homes.  We could go to one of those.

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