Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review: Q&A a Day for Kids

Nels graciously gave me Q&A a Day for Kids for Christmas.  I helped him pick it out "Nels, want to buy me this book for Christmas?" and he helped wrap it.  Everyday I ask the boys a question and I write it down in the book.  I think Nels has this thing aced.

If I were older, I would_____.
Guy: "Try to beat dad at games."
Nels: "Hurt dad." (Was he trying to repeat Guy?)

What are you especially good at?
Nels: "Computer."
Guy: "No, he's wrong."

_______ is a silly thing I did lately.
Nels:  Ate a pancake and a bee.
(Guy laughs)
Nels: Me not kidding, Guy.

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