Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lego Camp

Guy went to Lego camp where they built an amusement park in a day.  It even had front gates with minifigs lined up at ticket booths.  Inside the park there were bathrooms, a gift shop, a food court.  It was really neat.

Guy built these rides that moved by themselves.

The clock tower in the middle of the park.   The tower goes on for another foot where there is a little dude dangling off the top.  I overheard a girl mention that she was disappointed there wasn't a Chewbacca figure to put up there instead.  Chewbacca... King Kong... same thing.  They are both sore losers.  I guess they don't make King Kong minifigs and they make Chewbacca so she's the smart one for improvising.  I would have just used a hairy man.  Perhaps a wizard.

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