Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pleygo Review

We joined Pleygo.  It's a Lego borrowing system through the mail.  Guy got his first set and we mailed it back, awaiting set #2.  We are picking out Creator sets since you get to build 3 things with the one set.

Guy's three creations.

So far so good.  The shipping isn't super fast and it is $15/month.  I read negative reviews that for that amount you could buy a lego set every other month.  That is true but after you build a lego set, isn't the fun kind of over?  You are just left with a bunch of specialized oddball pieces.  And you usually end up losing a crucial piece and someone takes a bite out of the instructions.  I'm not against lego set ownership.  In fact, Guy will be getting one for Christmas.  But why own what you can borrow? 

Nels was a little jealous that he wasn't allowed to touch the Pleygo legos.  He made his own darn airplane out of the normal shaped legos.  He was quite a proud peacock.

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