Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pleygo Review

We joined Pleygo.  It's a Lego borrowing system through the mail.  Guy got his first set and we mailed it back, awaiting set #2.  We are picking out Creator sets since you get to build 3 things with the one set.

Guy's three creations.

So far so good.  The shipping isn't super fast and it is $15/month.  I read negative reviews that for that amount you could buy a lego set every other month.  That is true but after you build a lego set, isn't the fun kind of over?  You are just left with a bunch of specialized oddball pieces.  And you usually end up losing a crucial piece and someone takes a bite out of the instructions.  I'm not against lego set ownership.  In fact, Guy will be getting one for Christmas.  But why own what you can borrow? 

Nels was a little jealous that he wasn't allowed to touch the Pleygo legos.  He made his own darn airplane out of the normal shaped legos.  He was quite a proud peacock.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

To Dress a Child

It cost me $7.25 at the thriftshop to dress a moderately attractive Nels for a day.  It was half off day.  My favorite day.

My best find was these shoes for Guy.  $3 each.  Hooray! 

Daisy found this small green sweater for $1.  I think it completes her festive outfit.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Buffet Bandit

I haven't posted for a month and when I look back at my last post my thoughts are "That was forever ago!" I have no idea what has happened between then and now but I'll say a lot.  Several pies have been eaten between then and now.  So Daisy is 10 months, 3 days old.  I took her to a buffet to celebrate 10 monthdom.  She was free entry and she ate a lot.  Daisy also grew her first tooth one day shy of 10 months which I'm sure aids in her buffet endeavors.  She is my top choice buffet comrade...if only she could carry her own plate.