Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Little Zoo

 I don't think my kids are sheltered anymore, Nels is just two.  These deer?  They are "Small cows.  Moooooooo!"  The Iguana?  "Alligator"  The deer poop?  That's stuff to load your pockets with.  And the best, coolest animal at the zoo?  The house cats that reside in the office.

I was happy Guy chose to feed the deer.  He usually isn't in to stuff like this.

He is always happy to pose!

Nels is always happy to imitate!

My favorite animal - the sloth.  Guy frequently asks me what my favorite animal is and I tell him a sloth and his response is usually "Huh?"  I pointed it out to him and told him how cute it is and I just want to squeeze it.  This is why Guy talks the way he does I'm sure.  "Everybody loves to be loved!"  -Guy

In other "the things Guy says" news we got milkshakes after the zoo and Guy spilled his in the car.  I was so mad!  I yelled and flailed my arms about.  When he refused to help me clean it up, I pushed him.  I was terrible.  When I apologized later Guy told me if he acted like that at school his clip would be moved (basically he'd get in trouble).  He's right and so sweet.  Even if I had to physically force him to help me clean.  He was probably just scared of me.  And slightly lazy.  But aren't we all?

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