Thursday, October 31, 2013

Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy gives hugs! 

Daisy's costume turned out really well for $2.50 and some hot glue.  I guess that says nothing.  It's good enough.  Now I'm concerned though - what to you do with junk you found at the thrift store that you made worse?  You can't just give it back.  I recently told one of Guy's friends that we buy a lot of our stuff from the thrift store and his response was "You buy broken stuff?!"   I'm on a quest not to junk up the thrift stores.  I guess I could soak her costume in kerosene, stick it in a pumpkin, and light it on fire.

The team:
Guy's overalls cost $30.  It ruined my whole frugal Halloween.  At least he gets to wear them for other things - like dress-like-a-farmer-day at school.  That's a real thing. He actually really likes them and doesn't mind wearing them just because.

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