Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fairytale Town

Took the kids to Fairytale Town in Sacramento yesterday.  It's weird going to places that aren't the desert.  It makes me feel like my children are so sheltered.  Nels saw a squirrel and he ran to it with his arm outstretched, like he would be able to pick it up and pet it.  
Thankfully, the squirrel chose to climb up a tree instead of attack my son.

 Another neat find - a praying mantis.  I tried to show it to Nels but quickly panicked when I realized that Nels steps on bugs for fun.  This bug was thankfully spared and relocated to a safer area.

Nels finally gets to do what he wishes - squish an egg.
 We found Clifford, who is Guy's class mascot so I made him get over there for a photo.  He was very upset that there was a persons face inside Clifford's eyes.  He wasn't interested in any costumed characters after that discovery.  He is growing up.. ahh shoot.

But he's not too grown for a snow cone.  Neither am I for the record.

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