Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boating Adventure, Again

Another boating adventure! 
This time we rode a the M.S. Dixie, a paddlewheeler at Lake Tahoe.
 Set sail!  sea! course?  I don't know.  Go forth and paddle!

Nels liked to try and climb the railings.  I frequently reminded him if he fell off the side I would not jump in after him.  That's love right there.  Love for Daisy maybe.  In my defense, I pried him off the railings and he never fell in.  He probably wouldn't have anyway.

Daisy was stuck to me as usual.  I finally figured out how to take a photo of her.

 I made Guy hold her for a bit so Daisy could see the sights.

So what all was there to do on the boat?

Drink Shirley Temples!  Use the bathroom.  Repeat.  They went through $18 worth of Shirley Temples.  In their defense it was a 2 hour ride and who can resist those cherries?

We went to the gift shop and picked out some postcards to mail to our friends.

And we watched the paddlewheel.

 I liked to just sit and stare out the window but Guy frequently reminded me that wasn't fun.  Fun is stuff like hide-and-seek and computer games.  So maybe we mainly went because I wanted to go...  The kids never complained.  I call it a success.

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