Thursday, August 22, 2013

Daisy Ruins U.S. Finances

Six months ago I sent a baby birth announcement to the White House so Daisy could have a letter for her scrapbook.  After a long wait I figured the government wisely cut the sending-letters-to-babies-who-can-not-read program.  The letter showed up today.  I'm not complaining but I don't feel good about it. 


We found this tower at a park.  I'm not sure what to think except "I could have done better."  But I never would have even attempted it.  And that's why the person who built this is extremely talented... in some ways. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crazy Daisy

This picture of Daisy was taken a month ago but I still laugh about it.  I would rather be awake than sleep like this.

1st Day of Kinder

Guy's First Day was Monday.   I caught him put an arm around a boy who was scared/crying about school.  I like how he can relate to other folks. I also like his lazy answers to the following questions:
What are your favorite things to do at school?  Eating and sleeping.
What don't you like about school?  Anytime the teacher talks.
Doing great in school is terrific but being like mom and dad?  That's not bad either.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy 1/2 Birthday Daisy!

Daisy turned 6 months old on the 11th.
Nels shows off his old sister.

All Daisy wanted for her half birthday was to ride a horse.

And maybe a turtle.

 But not a ride.  Those are for big brothers only.

For her birthday treat she had some chocolate pear baby food.  It tasted and smelled terrible.  Then she broke out in a rash.  Sorry Daisy.  Happy half birthday?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Moon is Evil!

The planetarium is the scariest place in the world!  You might get eaten by an alien!  Or you might get hurled into the sun!  Just don't go! 

 I took the kids to the planetarium on Monday.  I had a terrible time.  But I'm okay now.  One child was scared and feared for his life.  And one was running around screaming "Ball!" at everything round.  One was a total saint. 

The coolest part of the planetarium?  The outside!

We saw a movie there.  I had to leave with the hyper child half way through.  But the scared child watched the whole thing and narrated it all on the way home.  Success!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boating Adventure, Again

Another boating adventure! 
This time we rode a the M.S. Dixie, a paddlewheeler at Lake Tahoe.
 Set sail!  sea! course?  I don't know.  Go forth and paddle!

Nels liked to try and climb the railings.  I frequently reminded him if he fell off the side I would not jump in after him.  That's love right there.  Love for Daisy maybe.  In my defense, I pried him off the railings and he never fell in.  He probably wouldn't have anyway.

Daisy was stuck to me as usual.  I finally figured out how to take a photo of her.

 I made Guy hold her for a bit so Daisy could see the sights.

So what all was there to do on the boat?

Drink Shirley Temples!  Use the bathroom.  Repeat.  They went through $18 worth of Shirley Temples.  In their defense it was a 2 hour ride and who can resist those cherries?

We went to the gift shop and picked out some postcards to mail to our friends.

And we watched the paddlewheel.

 I liked to just sit and stare out the window but Guy frequently reminded me that wasn't fun.  Fun is stuff like hide-and-seek and computer games.  So maybe we mainly went because I wanted to go...  The kids never complained.  I call it a success.