Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gymboree Finds

I went to the half off sale at the thrift store.  Daisy and me found some amazing stuff!  It's rare to find Gymboree sets - I bet this was all donated by the same person.  It was all scattered throughout the racks, so we probably missed some but I'm still thrilled!  I love how Gymboree has themes.  It makes it so easy to get your kid dressed when they have matchy things.

Smart and Sweet: $10

Berry Patch: $8

Sunflower Smiles: $10

Cherry Cute: $7 total

Glamour Ballerina $4

Panda Academy: $10.50
(I don't think that jacket is part of this line.)

Fall for Autumn: $5.50
(Shirt actually goes with Sunflower Smiles)

 Total: $55 for this stuff.
(I bought more clothes too.  These are the things I'm most excited about.  My husband thinks I'm crazy to be able to spend large amounts at thrift stores.  Maybe... maybe.  But I did find a holiday dress that retails at $52.95 for $4.)

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