Monday, July 8, 2013


We got a dog.  It was not my idea but I'm dealing with it as best as any crazy mother can.  Some days it's hard to use positive reinforcement and I spend my days saying "Don't!" and "Stop!" and "No!" just to the kids.  And it makes me feel like a terrible person.  Now I get to yell all these wonderful words to a dog.

Guy was really excited to get a dog.  But his room has been pooped in, he's been jumped on, and has been nipped more than he can handle.  He keeps his distance.

All that stuff happens to Nels too but he isn't above punching a dog in the nose.  He also milks any injury for all it's worth.  Daily I hear the story of how he fought the fearsome beast and received only a scratch while the dog had.... well the dog was okay.

Thankfully the pup has found a best pal in Daisy.  Daisy calls the dog "Rogue".

They set up a business "Daisy and Rogue: Adventure Agents"

Rogue takes her job as secretary seriously.  She rarely leaves the office.

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  1. Thanks Jenn. They are so cute! Love Daisy's grin.