Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Nice Coat

I would like to write about a coat.  A glorious coat.  A coat Daisy can wear with her spectacular holiday dress.  A coat that will not fit her until Christmas 2014.  That's almost year 2015. 

Ta Da!  This is the Gymboree holiday dress I found at Savers for $4.  And the coat cost me $13.50 from Moxie Jean thanks to a discount.  It's a babyGap coat and it still has the tags.

 My husband thinks I am crazy but I just call myself a collector of children's clothing.  It's really a useful collection and it's not all that expensive.  (That's me being defensive.)

Daisy is so excited for her new clothes that she does her best to grow big.  She eats rice cereal and peaches.  She's working her way up to ice cream and peach pie.

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