Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boating Adventure

My favorite hobby is adventuring.  It's a good hobby because you can include lots of people.  Adventuring with my family is #1 - the best.  Kids make everything more fun...or more frustrating?

Anyway, we are back from camping and we have 18 days of summer left.  Time to cram in everything we haven't done yet.

Things to do:
1.  Water Park.  (I just need Guy to go to feel satisfied on this one.)
2.  Idlewild Train
3.  Planetarium  (Daisy just keeps begging for this)
4.  Boomtown Fun Zone
5.  Eat at Steak N' Shake
That's it!  Should be easy to complete in 18 days.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Someone Likes to Sleep

Here are some pictures of Nels this past month.  Lively little fellow.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lost A Tooth

Guy lost his first tooth last week.  He came to me in the middle of the night to let me know he swallowed his tooth.  I told him that people accidentally eat their teeth sometimes.  I'm probably a liar.  I'll admit to it.  I actually found his tooth stuck in his water bottle spout.  That's a truth.

With the tooth recovered, the tooth fairy carried it off and gave him $1.  That morning we took the dog to the vet while Guy dreamed of spending his dollar.  I couldn't really leave the dog in the car with no A/C so we went to the Dollar Tree parking lot and I told Guy to go spend him buck while the rest of us waited in the car.  He asked a lot of questions at first - like how to tell what the item costs and what if he couldn't find the cash register.  And then he disappeared.  He reappeared a couple minutes later - skipping and smiling and carrying a Dollar Tree bag. 

I think this event may be one of my favorite events this summer and I wasn't even in it.  It is so cool to observe kids feeling good about themselves when they don't know anyone is watching.  And it's so crazy how one little action can boost a child's self-esteem.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little Gent at the Dentist

My baby Nels is growing up.  He brushes his own teeth.  

Today at the dentist the kids used the dye that colors the teeth they don't brush well.  Guy got a "Good Job!" and Nels received the comment "You sure are colorful!" So maybe he needs more help brushing...

Nels even cooperated for X-Rays.  See that little humanoid in that backroom?  That's Nels with his lead apron!

So proud of my little Nels for being such a cooperative listener.  And big Guy should be losing some teeth soon.  He has adult teeth growing in and he feels so proud.  I tell him constantly how being old is cool because I can eat ice cream anytime I want.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Nice Coat

I would like to write about a coat.  A glorious coat.  A coat Daisy can wear with her spectacular holiday dress.  A coat that will not fit her until Christmas 2014.  That's almost year 2015. 

Ta Da!  This is the Gymboree holiday dress I found at Savers for $4.  And the coat cost me $13.50 from Moxie Jean thanks to a discount.  It's a babyGap coat and it still has the tags.

 My husband thinks I am crazy but I just call myself a collector of children's clothing.  It's really a useful collection and it's not all that expensive.  (That's me being defensive.)

Daisy is so excited for her new clothes that she does her best to grow big.  She eats rice cereal and peaches.  She's working her way up to ice cream and peach pie.

Monday, July 8, 2013


We got a dog.  It was not my idea but I'm dealing with it as best as any crazy mother can.  Some days it's hard to use positive reinforcement and I spend my days saying "Don't!" and "Stop!" and "No!" just to the kids.  And it makes me feel like a terrible person.  Now I get to yell all these wonderful words to a dog.

Guy was really excited to get a dog.  But his room has been pooped in, he's been jumped on, and has been nipped more than he can handle.  He keeps his distance.

All that stuff happens to Nels too but he isn't above punching a dog in the nose.  He also milks any injury for all it's worth.  Daily I hear the story of how he fought the fearsome beast and received only a scratch while the dog had.... well the dog was okay.

Thankfully the pup has found a best pal in Daisy.  Daisy calls the dog "Rogue".

They set up a business "Daisy and Rogue: Adventure Agents"

Rogue takes her job as secretary seriously.  She rarely leaves the office.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gymboree Finds

I went to the half off sale at the thrift store.  Daisy and me found some amazing stuff!  It's rare to find Gymboree sets - I bet this was all donated by the same person.  It was all scattered throughout the racks, so we probably missed some but I'm still thrilled!  I love how Gymboree has themes.  It makes it so easy to get your kid dressed when they have matchy things.

Smart and Sweet: $10

Berry Patch: $8

Sunflower Smiles: $10

Cherry Cute: $7 total

Glamour Ballerina $4

Panda Academy: $10.50
(I don't think that jacket is part of this line.)

Fall for Autumn: $5.50
(Shirt actually goes with Sunflower Smiles)

 Total: $55 for this stuff.
(I bought more clothes too.  These are the things I'm most excited about.  My husband thinks I'm crazy to be able to spend large amounts at thrift stores.  Maybe... maybe.  But I did find a holiday dress that retails at $52.95 for $4.)