Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Uniform

We tie-dyed!  And by we, I mean mostly me.  I stressed Guy by telling him to be careful and not waste paint.  Well, whose shirt turned out best because they used the right amount of paint?  Not mine.

 Left to Right
 1.  Guys Swirl Shirt (He loves it)
 2.  Nels Too White of a Shirt that we ended up re-dying.
 3.  Daisy's heart shirt (Super swell!)
 4.  Guy's book bag
 5.  A missing handkerchief.  I really liked how the handkerchief turned out but I think it blew away?  If you find it in your yard consider it a neighborly gift.

Here is Nel's swirl tie-dye shirt that I redyed.  I think it looks much better now.  Especially for a boy.  A boy in tie-dye.  Masculine stuff, it is.

 We did a second set of tie-dye.  Nels has stripes, Guy's is blue with purple splotches and Daisy has another heart (this one turned out REALLY good).  You'll have to trust me because Guy's got his hands over it.  We went to a museum in our tie-dye and it worked really well for being able to keep track of them.  Usually we just do orange shirts but then a field trip comes through all wearing orange and Nels sneaks away.

 Guy did NOT like his second shirt and refused to wear it.  Until we drew this amazing shade-wearing sun on it!  Check that out.  It's like cool.  Super cool. 

We got our tie-dye kit at Dharma Trading.  Our shirts too.  Nels and Daisy both have the Rabbit Skins brand and they run incredibly small.  Just a heads up.

We learned how to fold our shirts from the awesome, Colorful Steve @ You Tube

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