Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Shopping

Our "fun" activity for the day was to go to the grocery store.  I let the kids pick out some stuff so they didn't realize it wasn't really fun.  Cheetos and lemons(?) and ice cream saved the day!

I had some fun today shopping on  I joined the site years ago but have never ordered anything despite their frequent promotions for first-time buyers.  The site has changed and grown a lot.  And it is still difficult to navigate.

I found some stuff for little Daisy.  Thredup even made me a collage of the things I bought.  I tried to make two outfits but now that I see the clothing close to each other I'm not so sure matching things is my talent.  Anyway, with my promotional coupon, I only had to pay shipping - $6.  Not shabby. (Use my link and you will get $10 to use.)

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