Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lucy's 4th Birthday

Lucy's 4th birthday was Sunday.  Instead of celebrating her life, I just get mean.  Many apologies people who have to live with me.  Maybe I'll figure it out someday.  In good news, I still really like where we have her buried.  It's a pretty place and she is surrounded by really special people.

Guy likes to look at the other kids gravestones.  He asked me if one of them lived in a house with stairs.  I like his questions.

All my kiddos

We went for ice cream to celebrate Lucy's special day but I didn't take any pictures.  So here are some ice cream pictures from today!  Ice cream is an important part of everyday.  I'm still learning to use my phone to take photos but look what it did.  Pretty spiffy.  I like that Daisy's toy is moving around.

I didn't get any ice cream for myself because I figured I could eat the children's leftovers.
Uhhh...Soggy Capt' Crunch and Fruity Pebbles?!  Nah, I can make my own.  In my defense the kids preferred mine to theirs.  Nels was cool with just rooting through their random cereal and candy medleys for the good stuff though.  I think Guy may have learned you can't just throw every food you like together and expect it to taste good.  Important stuff to know.

And in celebrate of Lucy.. here she is with some ice cream.


  1. You celebrated her birthday well. Lucy would have had a wonderful time.

    It's a hard thing to figure out, if anyone ever can.

  2. Awww...Thanks!

    And where is your internet presence as of late? ;)

    You see Puzzle Pirates is going mobile? As soon as it's on Android I'm going to get seriously puzzling. Well.. sort of.