Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Failed Fun Day

Monday we had to return a heart monitor to a doctor.  I think looking out of the 4th floor window was about the most fun we had that day

We went to Circus Circus for FUN.  We had a hard time winning anything Guy wanted.  And I felt like a terrible mother/person for saying things like "You can play that game FUN, but you are NOT going to win."  I like people to feel capable but even more so I don't like people to feel disappointed.  Didn't matter - there were still tears.  I did not have FUN.

In good news, we did find a competitive game that no one was playing so I stuck my two kiddos on it.  Guaranteed prize.  People gathered to join in on the next round but they eventually left after realizing the horses were more likely to die of electrocution than cross the finish line.  After 15 minutes of playing the horses crossed the half way point!

To make up for the terrible time at Circus Circus we went to the museum.  Guy insisted on bringing in his angry bird so he could launch it from the catapult.  I was in constant terror he would lose his angry bird and cry for three weeks straight.  And this is when I realized disappointment is unavoidable.  If you focus on trying to avoid disappointment you just make everything worse and end up having a lousy time.

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