Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Californian Adventure

Guy and dad are on their own little adventure today and Mr. Nels & co. were a little jealous.  So we headed into town to do something.  But we forgot to stop and ended up in California.

 It seems California is way cooler in the firework department than Nevada (no fireworks here).  Nels picked out what I'll call "collectors items".  A monkey firework and a tea kettle too.  I have nostalgic memories of hanging out at the firework stands as a kid so I'm making sure he has a little of that experience.

 We headed to the mall.  Malls in different cities are cool, right?  It's 100+ degrees outside, A/C sounded nice.

First up - molest the ducks.  Nels can spot an innocent duck miles away. 

 Cupcake Time!  (Nels took that water bottle to the car and on the way home I got hit in the back of the head with it.  He could have just told me it was all gone but he thinks actions speak louder than words.)

Jumping time!
Nels thoroughly enjoyed the little play area.

But even cooler?  The trampoline!  He impressed me most here for listening skills.  He actually followed their rules.  Yay Nels!

As far as shopping goes?   Nels wanted to go to the Disney Store.  And I wanted to go to Lush and Restoration Hardware.  Never been to either and I keep hearing about them both.  Nels ate some of a bath bomb at Lush because I was getting my hands washed by a sales associate.  ??  I have no idea what's going on most of the time.  I did buy something that resembles soap...I really don't know.  Restoration Hardware was not what I was expecting.  It was classier than I was expecting.  I'm not a classy person.  But I found a desk I liked.

I thought Guy would like this one that looks like an airplane wing.

 As usual Daisy was strapped to me and she slept and ate and occasionally peaked out of her carrier to figure out what was going on.  She is easy to take care of.  Just let her pretend she's back in the womb, when things were simpler. She did pick out some stuff.  Now I just need to save it for her until she can eat it. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun Times

After our not so fun day on Monday I think we have this fun thing figured out.  Do less.

Tuesday we stayed home and made Play-Dough.

Wednesday we went to the park and learned to rope.

Thursday we met dad for lunch.  But we had some fun at home, too.  The kids love coloring on the window. 
Daisy is left out of photos because she just scowls at people.  And she is usually in my arms and that's hard to photograph.

Friday we celebrated being lazy.  We did some chores first before the cartoon marathon began.
 Good times.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Failed Fun Day

Monday we had to return a heart monitor to a doctor.  I think looking out of the 4th floor window was about the most fun we had that day

We went to Circus Circus for FUN.  We had a hard time winning anything Guy wanted.  And I felt like a terrible mother/person for saying things like "You can play that game FUN, but you are NOT going to win."  I like people to feel capable but even more so I don't like people to feel disappointed.  Didn't matter - there were still tears.  I did not have FUN.

In good news, we did find a competitive game that no one was playing so I stuck my two kiddos on it.  Guaranteed prize.  People gathered to join in on the next round but they eventually left after realizing the horses were more likely to die of electrocution than cross the finish line.  After 15 minutes of playing the horses crossed the half way point!

To make up for the terrible time at Circus Circus we went to the museum.  Guy insisted on bringing in his angry bird so he could launch it from the catapult.  I was in constant terror he would lose his angry bird and cry for three weeks straight.  And this is when I realized disappointment is unavoidable.  If you focus on trying to avoid disappointment you just make everything worse and end up having a lousy time.

Nels the Builder

This month Nels started participating in the kids building workshops at Home Depot and Lowes.  He is 3 years under the recommended age.  But he hammers stuff.  He paints stuff.  He stickers stuff.  He rarely asks for assistance.  He thinks he's got this all figured out. 

Nels 1st workshop - just a beginner.

 Nels 3rd workshop.  He's a pro!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fun

We went to the dinosaur park today. 

At this park there is also a playroom run by volunteers.  A playroom with a toy for little Daisy.  Best park ever!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Shopping

Our "fun" activity for the day was to go to the grocery store.  I let the kids pick out some stuff so they didn't realize it wasn't really fun.  Cheetos and lemons(?) and ice cream saved the day!

I had some fun today shopping on  I joined the site years ago but have never ordered anything despite their frequent promotions for first-time buyers.  The site has changed and grown a lot.  And it is still difficult to navigate.

I found some stuff for little Daisy.  Thredup even made me a collage of the things I bought.  I tried to make two outfits but now that I see the clothing close to each other I'm not so sure matching things is my talent.  Anyway, with my promotional coupon, I only had to pay shipping - $6.  Not shabby. (Use my link and you will get $10 to use.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Uniform

We tie-dyed!  And by we, I mean mostly me.  I stressed Guy by telling him to be careful and not waste paint.  Well, whose shirt turned out best because they used the right amount of paint?  Not mine.

 Left to Right
 1.  Guys Swirl Shirt (He loves it)
 2.  Nels Too White of a Shirt that we ended up re-dying.
 3.  Daisy's heart shirt (Super swell!)
 4.  Guy's book bag
 5.  A missing handkerchief.  I really liked how the handkerchief turned out but I think it blew away?  If you find it in your yard consider it a neighborly gift.

Here is Nel's swirl tie-dye shirt that I redyed.  I think it looks much better now.  Especially for a boy.  A boy in tie-dye.  Masculine stuff, it is.

 We did a second set of tie-dye.  Nels has stripes, Guy's is blue with purple splotches and Daisy has another heart (this one turned out REALLY good).  You'll have to trust me because Guy's got his hands over it.  We went to a museum in our tie-dye and it worked really well for being able to keep track of them.  Usually we just do orange shirts but then a field trip comes through all wearing orange and Nels sneaks away.

 Guy did NOT like his second shirt and refused to wear it.  Until we drew this amazing shade-wearing sun on it!  Check that out.  It's like cool.  Super cool. 

We got our tie-dye kit at Dharma Trading.  Our shirts too.  Nels and Daisy both have the Rabbit Skins brand and they run incredibly small.  Just a heads up.

We learned how to fold our shirts from the awesome, Colorful Steve @ You Tube

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Day 2: Garden Ready!

 It's mid-June.  Time to finish the garden.  My garden beds are strategically placed in the lawn so I can get exercise removing grass with the pickax.  Next year I plan to use dynamite.  Nels is trained in dynamite usage plus he knows to remove anything green (as in weeds) from the garden boxes.  This training has already backfired as he has pulled out several seedlings and blown up our secret vault.

Nels joins his accomplices for a mid-morning tea.  Guy set this up.  Guy likes to play a support role in Nels endeavors but he is long gone when things go sour.

Daisy is none the wiser of the secret tea party as she works on her toe tan.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Break! First Day!

For the first day of summer break I thought we'd have a "summer party" we even planned it in advance.
This is the stuff we are going to do.

Well, no one will party with me.   I just keep getting yelled at "Mom!  You're ruining our game!" 

At least Daisy can't get away from me so she will be forced to take part in the festivities.

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Gardening Buddy

I can take video with my phone but I took it in the wrong direction.  I'm learning.

And yes, he did get a bath.  By the look of the tub when he was done I don't think another bath would hurt.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lucy's 4th Birthday

Lucy's 4th birthday was Sunday.  Instead of celebrating her life, I just get mean.  Many apologies people who have to live with me.  Maybe I'll figure it out someday.  In good news, I still really like where we have her buried.  It's a pretty place and she is surrounded by really special people.

Guy likes to look at the other kids gravestones.  He asked me if one of them lived in a house with stairs.  I like his questions.

All my kiddos

We went for ice cream to celebrate Lucy's special day but I didn't take any pictures.  So here are some ice cream pictures from today!  Ice cream is an important part of everyday.  I'm still learning to use my phone to take photos but look what it did.  Pretty spiffy.  I like that Daisy's toy is moving around.

I didn't get any ice cream for myself because I figured I could eat the children's leftovers.
Uhhh...Soggy Capt' Crunch and Fruity Pebbles?!  Nah, I can make my own.  In my defense the kids preferred mine to theirs.  Nels was cool with just rooting through their random cereal and candy medleys for the good stuff though.  I think Guy may have learned you can't just throw every food you like together and expect it to taste good.  Important stuff to know.

And in celebrate of Lucy.. here she is with some ice cream.