Friday, April 12, 2013

Making Ratatouille

Guy's current favorite movie is Ratatouille.  He wanted to make the ratatouille Remy prepares so we watched a video on how to make it, he made a shopping list, and then asked me "Can we go to the grocery store today?  Yes or no.  Your choice."  It wasn't a hard choice.  I said no, several times.  But eventually I had to get some groceries so I let him tag along.  He ran around the produce section collecting all the ingredients he needed.  I was quite impressed.  He must have really studied that video on what everything looked like.

Nels wanted to help but he didn't watch the video so he wasn't working up to Guy's standards.

Guy said the ratatouille was really yummy, but he didn't eat a lot of it.  Oh well - whatever gets him excited to cook, especially vegetables


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