Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Bathtub

We tried the baby bucket bathtub (We use the Spa Baby tub).  Daisy likes it but she is really small for it.  These bathtubs sometimes advertise that they are like being back in the womb. I doubt the womb felt that dangerous.  By the time it feels right, the baby will be fully accustomed to regular baths.  I do like that it keeps the baby warm because they are in the water and not just having water dumped over them.

Guy took a photo for me.  This was the best because the rest had his little brother's naked butt in the background.

Nels thought the tub looked like so much fun he had to jump in after Daisy was done.  When Guy saw he tattled and asked me to "Please be mad at Nels."  I couldn't - he was too cute.

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