Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stuff I'm Trying in March

Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom has a super spiffy idea trying new stuff on a monthly basis.  So I'm copying.  Here are things I plan to try in March...

Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum
 photo curriculumImagegif_zps87198b45.jpg
This looks like so much fun to me!  I'm the kind of person that thinks school and worksheets are fun.  I want it for Nels, especially now that he's approaching the tough 2's and with the arrival of baby Daisy he needs a little extra attention.  I have a feeling big brother Guy will love this too.

Strawberry Dream Cake
 photo StrawberryDreamCake_zps39262c5c.jpg
I saw this cake of an episode of Cook's Country (America's Test Kitchen?  They are the same, right?).  I want it.  My birthday is in March so I plan to make myself this cake.  I'll force Guy & Nels to do some of the work. 

Baby "Spa" Bathtub
 photo BabyBucketTub_zps9155eda3.jpg 
Yeah, it's a bucket.  I'm not bathing my baby in a "real" bucket because I don't know if people will think I'm weird for doing that.  But I found one of these baby buckets at the consignment store for cheap.  I hope baby Daisy will be big enough for it in March.  We'll try it out. 

Quarterly Co. (Joel Johnson)
 photo bvh01_zpsda57358a.jpg
Quarterly Co. has a bunch of different boxes curated by different people.  I picked Joel Johnson who makes boxes inspired by the memory of his grandma.  I think it sounds sweet and slow-paced.  But I don't know his grandma so I might be in for a shock.  His first month's box was about corn bread, as seen above.  Super cute.  I had a hard time picking between Joel Johnson and Felix Salmon, whose first box was focused around camping and the movie Moonrise Kingdom.  Plus Felix is a finance blogger.  I'm envious of anyone who knows enough about finance to make it as a writer.  Plus Moonrise Kingdom was awesome.

Downton Abbey
 photo downtonabbey_zpsb891a844.jpg
I've heard about this show from other moms, family members, ladies at Church, the gals at the scrapbook store, everyone.  I know it'll be good but I just haven't wanted to put the time into getting to like it.  Look at all those characters!  It's no Red Dwarf, that's for sure.

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  1. Ohhh, I can't wait to hear about that bathtub!

    And I also cannot wait to hear what you think of Downtown Abby! I need to know if I should start watching.