Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nifty Outdoor Toys

Last year for Nels' birthday we gave him a Power Wheel (driver included).
 photo DSCN0648-1_zps22a71821.jpg

I think a Power Wheel is a great toy.  The kids seem to be able to use it  frequently without getting bored and they are learning to kind-of, sort-of drive too.  Plus they have to take turns.  And problem solve too when they get stuck in a ditch.

Nels is learning to drive his Power Wheel now.
 photo DSCN2484_zpsf37b94a4.jpg

I'm already thinking of a toy for Nels' next birthday, in April.  I struggle to find gifts for the kids that I don't dread having to clean up.  This toy won't end up on my living room floor and it looks like tons of fun to me.  Nels probably will not be an airplane pilot due to his height so we should let him pretend now.  Hopefully the family approves. 
 photo plane_zps4573beed.jpg
Airplane Teeter-Totter

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