Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Train Tables

My kids can play with a train table at a toy store for hours.  The train table at home?  It's usually used to pile up stuff and then push it on the floor.  Makes for a good seat too.
 photo DSCN2305_zps782ee086.jpg

I decided to take a tip from the toy store and glue the track down.  We lost a lot of use out of the table and the tracks by doing this but so far it's been nice not have to clean up.  Plus it's actually getting used, for how long I don't know but I like it so far.

Glued down!
 photo DSCN2315_zps058d7b4a.jpg

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  1. Great idea! I turned our train table into a lego table because we have moved all of our trains to the floor. More room down there!

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