Thursday, January 24, 2013

Toddler Homework

Nels gets really jealous when Guy does homework. And who would blame him?  Just look at how much Guy is enjoying this.  He might be asleep.
 photo DSCN2285_zps9bf1bfdc.jpg

I try to just have Nels draw during homework time but I guess worksheets look too exciting.  He's only 21 months old so there is no worksheet in the world he would enjoy and do correctly.  But, I found some that he enjoys and does incorrectly.  Works for me!

Let's Sticker and Paste! Nels tore the wings off his bird stickers.  He hangs out with the cats too much.
 photo DSCN2287_zps75289ad3.jpg

Let's Create I showed him how to draw seeds on the watermelons and he said that's silly when you can color the whole thing black.  He has a point.
 photo DSCN2290_zps22a9dd76.jpg

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