Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guy's Ring Box

Guy received his first issue of Humpty Dumpty magazine.  He has been totally into it.  He quickly did all the worksheets despite them looking pretty similar to his homework.  I guess things are twice as good when they come in color.  We've read all of the stories several times.  He made a grocery list of the things we need to make the recipe, strawberry muffins.  And he made the craft, a ring box.

Final product! He emailed this picture into Humpty Dumpty. The egg, not the magazine - in case he asks.

He realized he didn't have any rings to put in his ring box.  We quickly make some out of pipe cleaners and pom-poms.  All is well.

With his magazine instructions...  He was mildly upset that I didn't have natural colored mini craft sticks like the magazine pictures.  I guess my theory about colorful being better is not always correct.

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