Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cravebox Review

Cravebox is like a box subscription but you only sign up for the boxes you want.  I think they usually cost between $12-15.  Last month I signed up for "Winter Favorites" and this month I signed up "Resolutions".

Last month's Winter Favorites
*belVita cookie/crackers are super yummy and I was very hesitant to try them.  I have been buying these for my snack food lately.  I used to buy Clif Crunch bars.  Those are still good.
*I love Heinz chili sauce.  It tastes like ketchup and Worcestershire sauce mixed together but it's good.  I like it on my fries.  I was also hesitant to try this.

I told the kids they could help me open the box.  They were so excited!!!! AhhhHHHhhhhHHhh!  As soon as they saw the soda they went running for some cups.  I made them yelling "MESS!" in this photo, wonder why?
*SunRype FruitSource bars = fruit leather in candy bar form.  It was super good.  It wasn't as annoyingly chewy as regular fruit leather.
*Didn't really like anything else, but that's okay.  It's still fun, minus the vacuuming.

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