Sunday, December 9, 2012

Visit with Santa

Yesterday I took the kids to Scheels to ride the Ferris Wheel and see Santa.  It was Nels' first time on the Ferris Wheel.  You have to be 36" to ride and Nels is right there.  He sat very still but I heard a giggle from him every once in awhile.  I think he liked it.  He didn't dislike it.

With Santa.  Guy asked for a "pirate ship" - he is usually very specific about which one he wants but today he felt like giving Santa a little leeway.

I didn't have Nels stand in line because I figured Santa prefers not to be yelled at.  Well Santa reached out his arms to Nels (who wasn't even in line) and Nels took off running for him and jumped into his arms.  I think he has Santa and candy canes associated together. I like that Nels' belly is showing. It's hard to cover that thing up.

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