Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Favorite Boxes Thus Far...

I know...I know... who needs this stuff?  Not me.  It just seems like when I get a surprise around the house it's finding a moldy piece of fruit under the couch.  Then I can never understand why anyone likes surprises.  I get it now. 

Love With Food December Subscription Box
My referral link. $12/month (Use code ECOMOMGIFT for $5 off) for a box of gourmet-ish food.
I signed up during the right month because I got a box full of candy.  I couldn't even take a picture without a cookie getting swiped by Nels. We enjoyed the treats immensely.
The box also came with a $10 credit towards - so I used it on free shipping day for a free puzzle for Mr. Nels.  I figured it would be good for teaching him his colors and numbers while being manly.
I'm not sure how I'll feel next month when the box isn't all gingerbread and chocolates and free puzzles, but I'm staying signed up.

POPSUGAR December Must Have Box
My referral link. $35/month (Use REFERFRIENDS to get $5 off)
This one is pretty spendy and I was kind of worried I wasn't trendy enough for it.  But I thought it was awesome.  Tea and bar soap?  Hooray!  I read on a message board how people are canceling their Popsugar subscriptions because this was "old ladyish".  I guess I'm old and may not be their target demographic.  I'll stay on for another month and hope old ladies prevail.

My favorite things from the box.
Cutest tea bag ever.  Look at that wee little leaf!  Cool cup too.

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