Friday, December 7, 2012

Lunch with Guy

When we go out of lunch I like to let Guy pick because I simply like all food.  His usual request is a "cheese hamburger with no pickles".  What he really means is a plain cheeseburger.  He likes ketchup but he's recently decided it's too slippery and makes his hamburger fall apart.  His favorite burger places are "old McDonalds" and "Sonic".  He thinks the food from McDonald's comes from Old McDonald's farm and he thinks Sonic is associated with the hedgehog.  I try to shelter him from the truth because I've seen street-smart 5 year olds and they just aren't as cute.

Well he changed it up and wanted "a rectangle burger at the place with 'boy' in the name."
Figure it out yet?  Took me awhile but we got there.
Subway, Sub Boy.  Sandwich, Rectangle Burger.  It's all the same.

Nels was happy to be there too.

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