Monday, June 18, 2012

Oregon: Part 1

I took the kids to Oregon since Guy had one week off school.  He just loves going places so I knew he'd love this.  45 minutes into the trip he asked to go home.  He threw up too.  11 hours later we arrived.  Long day but at least the kids had a nice set-up.


Day 1: Discovery Museum
We went to Salem to see Aunt Cassandra. I just laid around and complained about being tired. But the kids didn't. They ran around and complained about being restrained. After our visit Guy talked about about the girl that played with us. I kept telling him that's his aunt but he seemed convinced she was part of the museum entertainment.

Nels scavenging for food...

Guy and his museum friend...

Day 2: Oregon Coast
Grandma took us to Newport.  Guy wanted to see a fish and eat a fish.  But he didn't want to go fishing.  We could accommodate.

Outside Undersea Gardens.  Guy was actually pretty happy just looking at the fish on the side of this building.  He is glad we went though because he's a gift shop addict.

At Hatfield Marine Science Center with Grandma.  Guy gave the gift shop here a thumbs up too.

Dinner in Florence.  Guy was quite impressed despite the lack of gift shop.  Nels was too once he got some milkshake.

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