Monday, June 4, 2012

Lucy's 3rd Birthday

Saturday was Lucy's 3rd birthday. So we had an adventure. Adventuring was probably one of Lucy's favorite activities as long as it didn't involve a long drive. If she could watch Shaun the Sheep (which Lucy's pronounced "BAAAA!") in the car I bet she wouldn't care about the distance.

Breakfast @ Peg's.  Have to eat up because a hiking we shall go!

The trainee...

To Vikingsholm @ Lake Tahoe...
Guy was so excited to see a castle-esque structure on that island.
He wore his "castle shirt" for a reason.

We walked down to the lake so Nels could bathe in peace.

At lunch time Nels had pretty much gone crazy from lack of sleep.  I think it helped his dance moves.

Finally, who the day was all about. Happy 3rd Birthday, Lil Lou!

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