Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lots of Soaps

I made 6 lbs of bar soap and 10 gallons of laundry soap the other night.

Nels with some laundry soap.  He didn't get it off the ground but A for effort.

Soaps: Beer, Coffee, and Oatmeal Cookie

Beer Soap Recipe:
24oz coconut oil
24oz olive oil
38oz Crisco
32oz flat beer
12oz lye

I figured out what to do with all my soap shavings.  You can squish them into a soap scrubby that your talented mother-in-law made.  Good soap shouldn't be wasted.  On that note, you know what I do after I make soap?  Wash my hand and all the dishes I used...with soap.  I really should just use water, right?  That just seems weird.

Anyway, while on my 3rd batch of soap I got my finger stuck in the stick blender.  I'm pretty much an idiot.  But my finger might heal someday.  I have no intention of using a blender anytime soon.

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