Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 19 and the rest...

19-Nels has a stocking!
And we finished this ornament too...

20-Early Christmas Gift!  I got a new camera since my husband couldn't stand me using a 10 year old crappy camera. I'm not going to post a picture of that...

21-One last visit with Santa!  Instead of asking for a "Christmas tree" this time, Guy asks for "One toy."  Much better, Guy.  Much Better.

Santa (2)

22-I like the garbage man.  And the mailman too.  They always seem so appreciate of their gifts.  We got a nice thank you card from the mailman.  And even said our gifts are unique.  That's what I aim to be.  Our garbage man is a little more cryptic.  I like that.

23-Guy had a Christmas party at school!  I did not attend but I count it as our Christmas activity.  Here is one of my favorite projects he made at school.

24-We welcomed our Christmas guests, inlaws and sister!  Yay!

25-Christmas!  A little overwhelming for some...
"I'm suppose to open all of these?!"
And exciting for others!
DSCN0051 (2)

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