Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 19 and the rest...

19-Nels has a stocking!
And we finished this ornament too...

20-Early Christmas Gift!  I got a new camera since my husband couldn't stand me using a 10 year old crappy camera. I'm not going to post a picture of that...

21-One last visit with Santa!  Instead of asking for a "Christmas tree" this time, Guy asks for "One toy."  Much better, Guy.  Much Better.

Santa (2)

22-I like the garbage man.  And the mailman too.  They always seem so appreciate of their gifts.  We got a nice thank you card from the mailman.  And even said our gifts are unique.  That's what I aim to be.  Our garbage man is a little more cryptic.  I like that.

23-Guy had a Christmas party at school!  I did not attend but I count it as our Christmas activity.  Here is one of my favorite projects he made at school.

24-We welcomed our Christmas guests, inlaws and sister!  Yay!

25-Christmas!  A little overwhelming for some...
"I'm suppose to open all of these?!"
And exciting for others!
DSCN0051 (2)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 18 - Too Much Confectionery


It tastes good, it looks good, but I'd be happy to never eat sugar again.  I spend my Sunday afternoon making these and it was a little too much confectionery.

(I think it's important to note that I learned my chocolatiering from the game, Chocolatier.  Buy your ingredients from reliable sources, avoid haggling in alley ways.)

Dec. 17 - O Christmas Tree!

We cut it down.  (And by we I mean not me or Guy or Nels.)
And we deocrated it!  (And by we I mean mostly me.  Guy did the most fun part.  And I was too short to lift him.)

Dec. 16: Shopping for Service Folk

In the past I've struggled on what to buy the mailman and people like that for Christmas. Well, I've found the perfect gift for these people, just local stuff.  Doesn't even matter what it is as long as it's local.  It's like saying "I like this area because of people like you."  We found some goods, Guy picked out 4 presents for his bus driver and teachers.  And I only broke one.  I should have made him pick out a back up.  Next year I'll know!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec. 15: Cookie Sampling

To remain Santa's Favorite one must be very selective in the cookies one leaves.

Dec. 14: Shopping for Mom!

Guy went out to lunch with Daddy and bought mommy a Christmas present!  I don't have any pictures because i wasn't there.  But I do have some pictures of earlier that morning when Guy went to the Dentist. 

Mr. McCool

Typical dentist leaving stance, equipped with balloon, sticky hand toy, and tiny car.  Plus he has the hand stamps and the stickers for his shirt.  Guy's not above bribes.  (And yes, he loves the dentist.)

Dec. 13: Whoops!

Guy was at school when this happened.  And Nels was napping.  I really have no idea who did this.  But I do know it's a mess.  It was a mess to make too.  Not just the paint, but I tried to dye batting green to fill the bulb and that was a mess.  I still have one more hand printed bulb but I'm too nervous to touch it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Guy's Christmas Craft

Guy recently broke the camera so I'm using an old one.  I'm having minor difficulties.  Anyway...
Guy's Candy Cane
Guy brought this home from school today - a candy cane made out of pipe cleaners.  It's so cute!

Dec 12: Snowman Ornament 1/2

We are making these.  Nels is putting his hand print on one side and Guy's will be on the other side.

I got some prints from Nels!  Paints got everywhere (by everywhere I just mean all over me) but Nels had fun and was full of giggles.
Nels Hands

Time to wash up!  Nels decided he likes painting!
Painting Nels

Dec. 11: Craft Fair

Worked at my Church's craft bazaar on Sunday.  I made these nifty neato containers out of wrapping paper and re-purposed food containers.  I liked them.

Guy found several treasures at the bazaar.  Japanese Santa is my favorite of his picks.  I put him in the window to welcome visitors.

Dec. 9: A New Hat

I keep missing days.  They all really just blur together.  On Friday we bought Nels a new hat.  A signature "I'm Nels and I love cold winters!" hat.  He thought this one was mighty nice.  No good comment on the duster, though.

New Hat

Dec. 10: Live Nativity

We went to see a live nativity.
I have some pictures of darkness to prove it. Here's one so Nels will know that he was night....with a cookie. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 8: Stocking Cut

Copied the size of Guy's stocking from last year (fabric, complete) to make Nels'. It's cut out, just need to sew it.
Nels stocking

Dec. 7 - Wiggles!

We got the new Wiggles Christmas movie. Guy likes it. In fact I should get some video of his swell dance moves. Stay posted. I like that it's not all about Santa, baby Jesus is in there too.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dec 6: Christmas Ornaments!

Took the kids to Hallmark to buy a Christmas ornament.

Guy picked his out in a jiffy. Mickey Mouse and Toodles in Space. I think it fits Guy perfectly as in it just doesn't make sense to me.

I couldn't decide on one for Nels...
Baby's First Christmas, right?
Maybe this one?
Or this one?
But there's one this kid really a baby?
We got this one. Nels may be a boat builder someday. Too early to tell.

Dec. 4: Teaching Others

I can't tell time.. anyway, on Sunday Guy taught a very special friend how to color a snowman.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec 5: Presents!

We went out with Mimi to some toy store to do some Christmas shopping! I think we got everything we needed! The only thing Guy asked me for was to stay longer at the toy store. Too bad I can't wrap that up.

Toy Stores are fun and you can buy all your gifts there, except maybe...

California Brittle from See's Candy
California Brittle

Milk Chocolate Macadamia Lacey Cookies from World Market

Caramello from the grocery store? I'm not a total snob.

Dec 3: Santa Train

We had Mimi visit this weekend from Southern California! So it made sense to take her out in the cold.

We went to the Santa Train last year and liked it a lot. Guy thought it was just as good this year. Maybe even better since Santa Claus wasn't so scary.

On the train... Nels used this as a good time to stare rudely.

From last year, 2010
I love how Lucy would lean down to look into the display cases. Then she'd hobble from one case to the next in that stance. She was soooo cute.

Dec 2: Stocking Shopping

Nels picked out fabric for his stocking. Well, more like mom picked it out and he agreed it was a decent choice.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small Mess

Guy had a potty accident. He was taking too long in the bathroom afterwards so I was expecting a mess when I went in there. And I found one...

Guy said he did that for Nels. So kind.

Dec 1: Decorating

I decorated while Guy was at school. He was so excited to see them when he got home. Except... "Where's the Christmas Tree?!!" Sorry, Guy. I don't have one of those.

I didn't forget to decorate baby bottoms! (Santa diapers!)