Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heart Doctor!

Sometimes I feel like our days are full of doctors! Doctors are nice people and I guess their waiting rooms are usually fun. Guy likes the special attention. Maybe hanging out at doctors' offices is alright.

Today the boys were able to borrow heart monitors! Minotaurs would have been nice too. (Sorry - spell check distraction) I am not even going to start complaining about the difficulties with these because Nels is a baby and Guy knows not to touch it. Can you imagine keeping one of these on a 2 year old? That's a funny thought!

It has added a little excitement to our day and I can't wait to take them off. Only 15 hours to go!

They like to pretend they are carrying around ultra-cool walkmans.

Nels is happy to show off his tummy.

They are sleeping peacefully in them. They are both wearing two sets of clothes just so I could get the monitor out of choking hazard range but I think it's working. I'll only go check on them another 20 times.

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