Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

That's why we aren't posting.

I'm reading...
A Song of Ice and Fire Series
(I did have a picture of the books here that I stole from another site.  But I guess they got mad and changed the image to something pornographic to make people like me look like pervs.  Many apologies if you witnessed that.  I don't read stuff like that.  Sometimes I read Harlequin Romances, though, but we'll keep that a secret.)

Guy is writing...
Guy's Writing

Nels is doing arithmetic... 
(he's been counting toes)
Nels' Toes


  1. Did someone hack into your account? I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to post that top picture

  2. Thanks so much for telling me!! I hotlinked someone's picture and they just taught me not to do that anymore by changing the picture.