Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Water & Rails

We went to the Water & Rails tour.  I had to rush home from my trip to Oregon to make it.

It's a tour of backyards with trains &/or ponds.  Guy loved it except at one pond, Guy ran up the the homeowner and demanded to see her train.  She won him over by letting him feed the koi.  Then he asked more fish food, handed it to his dad, and instructed him on how to feed the fish.  That's a Lucy move.

Anyway, here's our favorite backyard.  Yeah...
And you know?  Pictures don't even it do it justice.

Guy at one of the train tracks...

Guy, the morning after.  Determined to be in next year's tour I'm sure.

From 2010...
This was my favorite picture from last year. Lucy was 12 months old and an expert at pointing at trains.

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